Tips to extend battery life

Today’s world is far different than it used to be, largely due to technology. While technology offers many great things, it also has some downsides. One of those downsides is battery life. And of all devices, cell phone battery life is the most irritating. The good news is that there are a few tricks to help extend battery life.

Extend battery life to be able to use your phone wherever you are.

Maybe you’ve experienced it. You reach to answer the phone for a surprise call from an old friend. You pick up, say your hellos, and your phone dies. Cell phones are a great convenience, but batteries have a way of dying at the most inopportune times.

Smartphones vs. Flip Phones

Smartphone batteries tend to lose their charge more quickly than flip phones, so if battery life is a deciding factor, consider a flip phone. The simplicity of a flip phone allows the battery to last longer while still allowing the freedom to make calls or send text messages from wherever you are.

Smartphone Battery Life Extension

Smartphones are asked to do multiple tasks at once, which contributes to their shorter battery life. While no phone battery will last forever, here are a few ways to help extend battery life.

Utilize the “low power mode.”

Many phones feature a “low power mode,” which is a great way to preserve power. For phones that don’t offer this feature, you can create your own power save:

Adjust your screen brightness.

A bright screen uses more battery power! And when you aren’t using your phone, be sure to put your screen to sleep and/or adjust the settings so your screen automatically goes to sleep after a specific amount of time.

Turn on “airplane mode.”

If you don’t need cell service, turn on “airplane mode.” Airplane mode temporarily removes the cell connection, but it also reduces the stress on your phone’s battery. When you turn airplane mode off, any messages or voicemails you received while it was on will be there waiting for you!

Check your settings.

Your phone regularly searches for new emails. Every search requires a little juice from your battery. Reduce the search frequency to increase your battery’s lifespan.

Turn off bluetooth.

One of the benefits of having a smartphone is the ability to connect with various devices without any cords. Bluetooth capability is a great feature, but when you’re not using it, turn it off. Your phone is constantly searching for signals and devices to pair with, which utilizes your battery. Shutting it off when not in use can add significant time to your battery!

Turn off WiFi.

WiFi also does a number on your battery. It is important to utilize WiFi in order to control your data usage, but if WiFi isn’t available, turning it off will go a long way in preserving your battery life.

App Access.

Apps request access to various tools on your phone, including your location or camera, among other things. Be sure the access you grant is necessary, as it does use your battery. If you’re not using the app or needing to offer access, your battery is being drained for no reason.

Use Your Ringtone instead of Vibrate.

The vibrate setting on your phone is great for unobtrusive alert. But it also uses significantly more power than playing a ringtone. If you’d rather not be bothered by incoming calls and messages, consider turning off the ringtone/vibration for all notifications. They will pop up on your screen. If your phone is within sight, you’ll be able to see it. If not, they will be there when you’re checking it!

Background Apps.

Smartphones can run multiple apps at one time, and it is a fantastic feature. But it also requires a lot of power. Close out apps you aren’t using to drastically reduce the battery usage. If you aren’t sure which apps are using too much power, there’s a good chance your phone has a monitor. Check your settings to see which apps are draining your battery!

Turn off Unnecessary Notifications.

Many of the apps on your phone are constantly searching the web for updates and news. And if you’ve allowed push notifications from those apps, you’ll get a little pop-up on your screen when they find something. While some notifications are great to have, others are unnecessary. Consider looking through the apps you allow notifications from and shutting off the unnecessary ones.

If the battery is still not lasting long enough, carry an extra charger with you. You’ll be glad you have it! In fact, consider taking a car charger and wall charger, or two adaptors and the USB cord. If that isn’t sufficient, it may be worth replacing the battery or possibly replacing the phone. Some of the newer phones have made great improvements to battery life!

Technology is a beneficial addition to the world we live in, and by taking steps to extend battery life, it can be even better.