Extend the Battery Life of Your Phone

At Affinity Cellular, we want to help you keep your phone viable for as long as possible. Smartphones are incorporated into our lives more each and every day. With people on their devices constantly, the phone battery can rapidly drain, which is less than convenient. There are ways to preserve and extend the battery life of your phone. Here are tips to help you do just that!

Don’t overuse your charger

Did you know it’s possible to overuse your phone charger? It is! This most often happens at night. Avoid plugging your phone in overnight. The longer a phone is on the charger, the more strain it puts on the battery. The best time to plug in a phone is when it is at 20% battery life and then unplug it before it reaches 100%. This simple task can preserve the health of the battery in your device. 

Can I use my phone while it charges?

It is best to avoid using your phone while it is on the charger. It is fine to text, check messages, or scroll through email, but avoid watching videos or movies while it is connected to the charger. Over time, this will cause the phone to malfunction, destroying its battery life. 

Extend battery life

Android and iOS phones have options to help preserve battery life. Utilize these modes to extend the life of your battery in the long term. 

Low Power-Mode

Many phones feature a “low power-mode,” which is a great way to preserve power.


To turn low power-mode on or off on an iOS device, go to the Settings and find the “Battery” tab. You can also turn low power-mode on and off from the Control Center. Go to the Settings and click “Control Center”. Click “Customize Controls”, then select “Low Power Mode” to add it to the Control Center.


To turn low power-mode on an Android, watch this helpful YouTube video.

Airplane Mode

Switching the device to “airplane mode” can preserve your battery until it can be charged. When the device reaches 10% battery life or less, this is the best option to extend its use throughout the day. The con to this is that airplane mode temporarily removes the cell connection. If you need to call or text, switch off airplane mode until you have completed texting or calling. 


Watch this video to learn how to turn “airplane mode” on and off for your iOS device. 


Watch this video to learn how to turn “airplane mode” on and off for your Android device. 

Background applications

Smartphones will continually run applications after use until they are cleared from the device. You will want to clear these apps to ensure that the battery life is not being wasted. Click on the following links to learn to close apps on: 

Adjust screen brightness

A bright screen takes a lot of battery power! Lower the brightness on your screen to save the battery and make sure to put your screen to sleep after use or adjust your settings to put your phone to sleep after 30 seconds to save battery life. The less your phone has to work to keep the screen on, the easier it is for your phone to extend its battery life.

Turn off unused accessories 

Bluetooth and WiFi can wreak havoc on the battery life of your device. It is important to use WiFi to save the amount of data used, but if WiFi access isn’t available, toggle the WiFi setting off to preserve battery life. Bluetooth is often used to connect to a car, watch, or headphones, but if you do not need it on, make sure it is off on your device. Doing both of these can extend the battery. 

Turn it off

It is simple and might seem obvious, but if you don’t need your phone for a few hours, go ahead and turn it off! Give your phone a break and save the battery for later in the day.

Charge on the go!

Technology has improved to allow you to keep your phone running, even when it needs to be charged. 

Charging cases

Phone cases have been developed with internal chargers. Available for both iPhone and Androids, this option allows your phone to pick up charge inside your purse, pocket or hand!

There are charging cases for almost any smartphone out there. These options from Amazon for iPhone and Android are a good starting place. 

Magnetic chargers

Another great option is to utilize portable magnetic chargers. Charge it while at home and carry it with you to use when your phone battery is low. Simply put the battery on the back of the phone and you can keep using your device without pause. 

Extend the battery life of your phone

Prolonging the life of your phone’s battery has many benefits. Most importantly, extending the battery life of your phone is one way to ensure that your phone will last many years. Utilize proactive battery care when possible and help keep your device healthy for years to come.