Protect Your Cell Phone from Extreme Heat

woman on cell phone in summer sun

Summer is here!

With high temperatures across much of the country, that summer feeling is definitely present. Now that temperatures are rising, it’s time to think about how to care for your electronic devices, specifically your cell phone. High temperatures mean your phone is at risk of overheating, which can have disastrous consequences. The damage can range from battery drain to the melting of your central processing unit, which can in turn cause irreversible harm. So how do you protect your cell phone this summer? Read on for a few tips!

Make sure your phone isn’t working harder than it needs to.

The more functions your phone is processing, the more internal heat it is creating on its own. To make sure your phone isn’t working overtime, turn off or swipe out of all apps that you are not currently using. Screen brightness can also cause your phone to work hard and overheat, so dim the screen when you’re out in the heat. And as you may imagine, playing music, watching videos and constant web searching while your phone is in direct sunlight can also be damaging. Instead, turn your phone to airplane mode to discourage overuse or simply set your phone down (out of the sunlight!) and enjoy the nice weather!

When you set your phone down, try to keep it out of direct sunlight. Your phone traps the light from the sun, which causes it to get hotter and hotter the longer it stays there. To avoid this, keep your phone safe in a pocket or bag. Close proximity to other electronic devices, such as phones and tablets crammed together in a bag, will cause your phone to heat up as well, so make sure your devices are separated. You could also cover your phone with a towel or place it somewhere in the shade nearby. Just like your body, your phone can get damaged and overheated from too much time in the sun. Protect your cell phone, and yourself, from the heat!

What happens if your phone is starting to overheat?

If your phone gives you a notification that it is starting to overheat or feels hot to the touch, it is time to take action. First, try to get it out of the heat as quickly as possible. If you cannot get to a cooler location, remove your phone case to avoid trapping the excess heat. Fanning your phone to help cool it down is also a good idea. If your phone is overheated, don’t overcorrect the issue by placing it in the fridge or freezer. The drastic change in temperature could end up damaging your phone even worse than if it was just overheating slightly. Move it indoors and out of the heat immediately, and give it time to recover before attempting to use it.

This summer it’s time for some fun in the sun, but make sure your phone is staying protected from the heat. The damage that overheating can cause is potentially irreversible and can cost you time and money trying to fix. Take preventative measures to make sure you and your phone stay cool and protected as the temperatures rise.