Language Learning: Your Smartphone’s Secret Weapon

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The Affordable Connectivity Program

In today’s world, internet access has become a necessity for staying informed, connected, and engaged. However, many individuals and communities face barriers to accessing the digital realm due to limited resources. The Affordable Connectivity Program is a beacon of hope, striving to make the internet more affordable and accessible, and Affinity Cellular can help. If … Read more

Unlocking Literary Worlds With Your Smartphone

Whether you’re a dedicated book-lover seeking to broaden your horizons or a casual reader in search of new material, library and book apps welcome a new era of reading, offering a treasure trove of materials and innovative organizational features right at your fingertips! Join us as we show you some of the best book and … Read more

Smart Health Management

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Mastering Mobile Banking

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Track Your Sleep with Smartphone Apps

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Travel With Your Smartphone

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Protect Your Phone This Summer

Whether taking a swim in the pool, working in the garden, or taking the family to the beach, summer adventures can put your smartphone at risk. Follow these simple measures to protect your phone this summer.  Keep your phone out of the sun It’s tempting to keep your phone on you when going to the … Read more

Avoid Fraudulent Calls and Messages

Robocalls, Scammers and Fraud! Oh My!  Have you ever received a text message from someone you do not know, answered a phone call only to have it be a robocall, or clicked a link and found out it was not real? You are not alone! While technology is wonderful at keeping us in touch with … Read more

Extend the Battery Life of Your Phone

At Affinity Cellular, we want to help you keep your phone viable for as long as possible. Smartphones are incorporated into our lives more each and every day. With people on their devices constantly, the phone battery can rapidly drain, which is less than convenient. There are ways to preserve and extend the battery life … Read more