What is Phishing? Keep information secure online.

Although it sounds like a favorite pastime, ‘phishing’ is an activity much more sinister. Read more to learn how to prevent your personal information from being at risk. What is phishing? Merriam-Webster defines phishing as, “the practice of tricking Internet users into revealing personal or confidential information which can then be used illicitly.” Referred to … Read more

New Year’s Resolution: Your smartphone can help

When thinking of your New Year’s resolution, you may be quick to dismiss them as unrealistic. However, hidden in your pocket is a not-so-secret tool to help make them a reality: your smartphone.  Resolution: Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every year, health related resolutions remain the most popular among Americans. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier … Read more

Smartphone photos to photo book keepsake! 

If you use your smartphone to take countless photos, you’re not alone. The days of lugging around a heavy camera are, for many people, in the past. But what do you do with your extensive collection of photos? Many of us never take those photos off of our phones. Try turning your smartphone photos into … Read more

Make travel easier by using your cell phone

Plane tickets have been purchased. The hotel is booked. The itinerary is planned. All that remains is having the most enjoyable vacation possible. Read on for a few tips on how to utilize your cell phone to make travel easier. Chances are, you’ll want to take plenty of pictures on your phone to share with … Read more

3G Cell Phone: No service after 12/31/22

I heard that my 3G cell phone will no longer work, is that true? And why? Yes, unfortunately due to changes in technology all carriers have or will be discontinuing 3G service. The last carrier is scheduled to sunset their 3G service December 31, 2022.  Why will 3G service no longer be supported? We do not … Read more

Choosing a family plan.

Choosing a cell phone plan can be overwhelming. Determining your budget and anticipating your needs is hard. There is also the struggle of monitoring usage and fees, especially if your technology experience is limited. And if you’re considering a family plan, you have to take the needs of various individuals into account. We can make … Read more

Old Devices: Recycle, donate or dispose?

Technology is constantly changing. Every few years, you may replace older models with something newer. But what do you do with your old devices? Here are a few options for you to consider.  Recycle it.  Recycling your old devices is a great option! There are several non-profit organizations that can help. Keep in mind that … Read more

Choosing a Data Plan for your needs.

Smartphones are popular among people of all ages and generations. They not only allow you to communicate with phone calls and text messages, they also have many additional features. From games and internet searches to navigation and fitness apps, smartphones offer a world of services quite literally at the touch of your fingertip. These services … Read more

Sun protection this summer

Summertime is the perfect time for trips to the beach, outdoor barbecues and lounging outside with friends. All of these activities have one thing in common: lots of sun exposure. Being outside in the sun can be great for mental health, getting some vitamin D, or achieving the perfect tan. However, unprotected skin in strong … Read more

How to read QR Codes with your smartphone

In today’s world, technology is used in many ways. QR codes are a prominent example of creatively utilizing technology. From restaurant menus to concert tickets, QR codes are used for a myriad of things. If you have a smartphone, QR codes are a great way to easily access information. Learn how to read QR codes … Read more