Sun protection this summer

Summertime is the perfect time for trips to the beach, outdoor barbecues and lounging outside with friends. All of these activities have one thing in common: lots of sun exposure. Being outside in the sun can be great for mental health, getting some vitamin D, or achieving the perfect tan. However, unprotected skin in strong … Read more

How to read QR Codes with your smartphone

In today’s world, technology is used in many ways. QR codes are a prominent example of creatively utilizing technology. From restaurant menus to concert tickets, QR codes are used for a myriad of things. If you have a smartphone, QR codes are a great way to easily access information. Learn how to read QR codes … Read more

Fourth of July Phone Tips

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and people across the country will celebrate with friends, family and fireworks. Get the most out of your phone while keeping it safe over the holiday weekend.  Protect Your Phone Independence Day celebrations include a vast array of activities, but two common elements are hot days … Read more

Personal Emergency Response Device

Are you ready for a personal emergency response device? Life ebbs and flows. Right before our eyes, before we even notice it happening, life takes a turn in a new direction. Things happen. You slip on the ice in driveway and can’t get up. Your father takes a spill while taking his dog for a … Read more

Protect Your Online Identity & Beware of Scams!

Modern technology makes communicating, shopping, learning, and more much faster and easier than we could have ever imagined. However, what seems to be a routine email, simple phone call, or a great online deal could actually be a scam that costs you big time. Inform yourself about online security to protect your personal information. Phishing … Read more

Father’s Day Cocktails & Mocktails

Flowers and breakfast in bed are great for Mom, but Dad is always a bit harder to shop for. These cocktail (and mocktail!) mixtures pair perfectly with quality time are sure to take your Father’s Day gift-giving up a notch! Father’s Day for the Classic Gentleman: The Old Fashioned The Old Fashioned is a staple … Read more

Your cell phone for emergency situations

Cell phones serve many important purposes in our everyday lives. Communicating with others, storing information, and setting daily reminders are just some of the ways we use our phones on a daily basis. However, we don’t always think about how to use our phones in circumstances that don’t occur as frequently, such as emergency situations. … Read more

Use WiFi to save data

Most people use their phones, laptops, or tablets on a daily basis. Whether it’s searching the internet, scrolling through Facebook and email, keeping in touch with loved ones, or checking the weather, our electronics process a lot of information. How are we able to get this information? Through the use of cellular data or WiFi. … Read more

Update your operating system

When was the last time you updated your phone or computer? Do you ever think to yourself, “this can wait” or “I’ll just do it later”? Having an up-to-date operating system on your electronic devices is very important. Update your operating system now to make your experience with technology much easier! What exactly does updating … Read more

Download on WiFi to reduce data usage

Smartphones offer endless possibilities for entertainment: listening to music, watching videos, playing games, etc. In order to use these features, you often need to connect to a wireless network (WiFi) or use cellular data. Just watching one movie can drain a great amount of cellular data. Unless you are operating on an unlimited data plan, … Read more