Protect Your Phone This Summer

Whether taking a swim in the pool, working in the garden, or taking the family to the beach, summer adventures can put your smartphone at risk. Follow these simple measures to protect your phone this summer. 

Keep your phone out of the sun

It’s tempting to keep your phone on you when going to the beach or while working outside in the yard, but be sure to protect it from overheating. Keep it out of direct sunlight; Popular Science encourages placing your phone in the shade or under your towels or clothes. 

If your phone does get overheated, turn it off and wait until you’re in a cooler place before you turn it back on. If you don’t plan to leave your location, place it in the shade and let it cool off until it is ready to turn on. 

Keep your phone dry

Whether at the beach with the family or watering the garden, there are many opportunities for your phone to get wet in the summer months. Best practice is to keep your phone at a distance from water adventures, however, that isn’t always possible. 

These days, many phones are waterproof. For those that aren’t, however, there are user-friendly phone protectors to keep a smartphone protected from getting wet. These options from Amazon are a good starting place when searching! Check out these waterproof pouches and phone cases for iPhone and Android

Keep your phone clear of debris

Dirt and sand is always working its way into every nook and cranny. This kind of debris can be damaging to your phone! Dust plugs work great to keep most of the grains out of your phone. You can also utilize waterproof pouches or phone cases to protect your phone from sand and dirt. 

Protecting your smartphone in the summer sun

Protect your smartphone from the heat, water, and debris. Most importantly, protecting your phone from the elements is one way to ensure that your phone will last many years. Utilize proactive phone care when possible and help keep your device healthy for years to come.