Phone Charging at it’s best

Mobile phones are a blessing. They allow users the freedom to communicate from virtually anywhere…so long as you have a charge on your battery. Many people use their cell phones on-the-go, but that doesn’t exclude usage from your home. Charging your battery is an important element of using your phone, but it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Read on for best practices when it comes to charging your devices.

The Battery

Most devices use a lithium-ion battery. And while scientists have been working long and hard to improve the lifespan of these batteries, they still won’t last forever. Charging your phone battery puts stress on it. To get the most out of your battery, it is necessary to charge and recharge it correctly.

Phone chargers on white desk.

The Ideal Scenario

In an ideal world, your battery would never dip below 50 percent charge or quite reach 100 percent charge. That means you should plug your device in when it reaches 50 percent and unplug it again before it reaches 100 percent.

That perfect scenario isn’t always possible, but knowing it exists does offer some insight into how you should go about charging your lithium-ion powered devices. While it isn’t dangerous to leave your phone plugged in, it does reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Exceptions to the Rule

Every once in awhile, perhaps once per month or so, it’s good to run your battery down to about 5 percent. Doing so allows the it to re-calibrate itself, which in turn helps your device give you a more accurate estimate of your battery life.

Other Factors

Lithium-ion powered devices are best kept at moderate temperatures. Avoid leaving or storing your phone in hot or cold environments.

Another thing to keep in mind is the charger you use. It’s always best to use the official charger that came with your device. And if you should need a replacement or additional charger, consider purchasing from the manufacturer.

If you won’t be using your device for an extended period of time, turn it off around 50 percent battery life and keep it in a temperate environment.

One final factor to consider is how you use your device while it is plugged in. Ideally, a device would be off while charging, but that isn’t necessary. Allowing your device to idle while charging is sufficient. However, you shouldn’t use your phone for battery-stressing things – such as watching a video – while it is charging.

A Summary

  • When possible, partially charge your battery, ideally keeping it in the 50-98 percent range. Avoid overnight charging.
  • Store and charge your phone in moderate temperatures.
  • Turn off your device or allow it to idle while charging.

Technology and communication has changed greatly over the past few decades. Take proper care of your lithium-ion batteries to increase their lifespan, and enjoy your communication freedom!