Personal Emergency Response Device

Are you ready for a personal emergency response device?

Life ebbs and flows. Right before our eyes, before we even notice it happening, life takes a turn in a new direction. Things happen.

You slip on the ice in driveway and can’t get up.

Your father takes a spill while taking his dog for a walk around the block.

Your grandmother trips in her kitchen and can’t make her way to the phone to call for help.

In the blink of an eye, things change. Preparing for change is important, and it’s now easier than ever before. With improvements in technology, confident independence is possible at any age.

Live independently with an emergency response device

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) gives individuals the freedom to live life on their terms. It gives confidence not only to those who need assistance, but also to their loved ones. Accidents are inevitable, and taking precautions is the best way to prepare.

There are many available options for emergency response systems. Our Guardian Emergency Response devices are adaptable to nearly any situation. Whether in the home or on the go, you or your loved ones never have to be alone.

Types of emergency device

Guardian In-Home Device

The guardian in-home emergency response device is a wearable wireless tool that offers security for anyone who wishes to live independently. Key features for the in-home system are:

  1. Optional fall detection
  2. Water-resistant pendant
  3. 300-500 feet of in-home mobility
  4. GPS location service

Guardian Mobile Device

The guardian mobile emergency response device is more interactive, aimed at those who would like to have a “hands on” approach to their health. The mobile device also allows one to share their health information with members of the family through the cloud service. The mobile device offers key features such as:

  1. GPS location service
  2. Unlimited range
  3. Optional fall detection
  4. 36-hour battery life
  5. Family and caregiver social sharing
  6. Online settings
  7. Customized notifications
  8. Various water and impact-resistant pendant options

We want to help you and your loved ones maintain independence and live confidently. For more information about the Guardian PERS, give us a call today at 866.488.8717.