3G Cell Phone: No service after 12/31/22

I heard that my 3G cell phone will no longer work, is that true? And why?

Yes, unfortunately due to changes in technology all carriers have or will be discontinuing 3G service. The last carrier is scheduled to sunset their 3G service December 31, 2022. 

Why will 3G service no longer be supported?

We do not want to get too technical as to the underlying reasons, but, the carriers tout the biggest reason as ‘Speed,” which to most will not even be noticeable. But to those that are heavy streamers, gamers and products using IOT there would be a benefit.  

To explain the “Why” at a very basic level, the change on the networks could be akin to changing the speed limit on all of the nation’s highways. For example, let’s assume the maximum speed on all highways is currently 70 MPH. The minimum speed is 55 MPH. Hey, maybe those speeds were just fine with you, 55 is fast enough. Then comes the year end and all speed limits are raised to maximum of 85 MPH and minimum 70 MPH. 

3G service will expire at the end of 2022.

Here lies the problem: “your vehicle,” which is your 3G cell phone, doesn’t have the capacity to maintain the minimum speed. The result would be traffic jams on the “road,” which is the network. Carriers do not want to maintain two different sets of roads/networks.

Well that’s the bad news.

Now the good news: You don’t need to purchase a new vehicle, all you need to do is replace your cell phone with a more current model. Even better is that companies like Affinity Cellular can help you out with a new 4GLTE Flip Phone or 4GLTE/5G Smartphone. When you switch your service to Affinity Cellular, which operates on the Nation’s most dependable Network, you will have many options available at extremely low prices.

Affinity Cellular Plans

Affinity Cellular is perfect for those that just need a cell phone to make calls when needed, take a picture or two if you so desire and send some text messages. Plans start at $10 per month, with unlimited Talk and Text for just $15 per month. At Affinity Cellular you pay for what you need and nothing that you don’t, in other words you don’t need to pay to go 70 MPH when you just want to go 55 MPH. Other benefits are; you can bring your existing phone with you, change your plan at any time with no contracts and no termination fees. You are in the driver’s seat.