Smartphone photos to photo book keepsake! 

If you use your smartphone to take countless photos, you’re not alone. The days of lugging around a heavy camera are, for many people, in the past. But what do you do with your extensive collection of photos? Many of us never take those photos off of our phones. Try turning your smartphone photos into a keepsake photo book! 

How to take the best photos using your smartphone

Taking photos with your smartphone is easy! But taking good photos requires a little practice. We have a few tips for taking quality photos with your phone camera. 

Take multiple photos.

Smartphone cameras don’t require film, which means that you can take as many photos as needed to get the perfect shot. Burst mode does this for you! Learn how Burst Mode works on various devices in the blog from LifeWire.

Natural light is best!

While many smartphones feature a flash, natural light is the way to go. Lighting is a very important element in any photo. Experiment in a variety of settings to discover what works best!

Avoid using the zoom. 

Using digital zoom reduces the resolution of an image. If you want a closer photo, the best way to get it is to physically move closer. 

Utilize the rule of thirds. 

The rule of thirds splits each photo into a 3×3 grid. The best photos typically feature the subject close to the corners of that grid. Try it and see your photos improve! 

Rule of thirds gridline on smartphone
Utilize the rule of thirds to take quality photos.

Create your photo book! 

Once you have a collection of photos, you can select your favorites and create a keepsake photo book! There are many options for printing. 

Google Photos.

If you use Google Photos for storing your images, you can simply upload directly and have them printed. Check out these instructions to create a photo book using Google Photos.

FreePrints Photo Books.

​​FreePrints Photo Books is an app that helps you create photo books for printing. The book itself is free for up to 20 photos, but you will pay $7.99 for shipping. Check out FreePrints Photo Books here.


Shutterfly and Mpix offer a variety of print goods, including photo books. You could also consider turning your smartphone photos into a holiday card, a magnet, an ornament, a mug, or something else. Explore Shutterfly here and Mpix here.

Create a photo book from photos taken on your smartphone.

There are so many options for turning your smartphone photos into tangible memories. Explore these and other options to create keepsakes that will last for generations!