File Your Taxes Using Your Smartphone

At Affinity Cellular, we want to keep you informed about ways you can use your mobile phone to make your life easier. As they say, only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. Taxes will never be fun, but they can be filed more easily. Try using your smartphone to file your taxes!

File your taxes from your smartphone

Filing your taxes on your mobile device might sound complicated, but the process is actually simple. Use these tips for filing with your smartphone.

Why file your taxes on your smartphone? 


Filing from your smartphone is convenient! If you don’t have access to a computer, a smartphone can be a great substitute. Everything you need to file your taxes is right in the palm of your hands.


When you file from your smartphone, it goes fast! You will be able to use your camera on your phone to scan tax documents and attach them to your tax documents, making the process very quick and easy. Also, if you have used a tax app in the past, much of your information will be saved from the previous use. All your information will be saved for the next time you login, saving you time year after year.  

Are there risks to using your smartphone?

When you use an electronic device for personal information, there are always risks.


The biggest risk is forgetting to delete tax documents. Therefore, the best way to protect your identity is deleting photos and tax documents that may be saved to your camera roll. For more tips on protecting your identity online, be sure to check out this blog

Complicated Taxes

The simpler your tax situation is, the easier the process will be. If you bought a house, started a new business, work for multiple companies, etc., then filing your taxes with your smartphone will be more difficult.

Popular tax applications for iOS and Android devices

Popular tax applications that you can use are Turbotax by Intuit, H&R Block, Tax Slayer and Cash App Taxes. You can download these applications by going to your app store on an iOS device or Google Play on an Android Device. All allow you to scan documents, contact tax experts, offer multiple authentication factors such as touch ID, Facial Recognition, and password protection, and the ability to have a tax expert review your taxes before filing. 

Each app offers different packages to suit your tax situation. You can find one that best fits your needs. If you don’t have time to complete your taxes in one sitting, don’t worry. Your progress will be saved and you can come back when it is convenient for you. 

File your taxes for 2023

Are you ready to try using your smartphone to file in 2023? Pick the app that you prefer for a convenient and fast filing experience!