Top 6 ways to use a smartphone to improve health

Physical, mental, and emotional health are all important things to keep track of and improve. With a smartphone, making concrete improvements in these areas is at the touch of your fingertips! Improve health with specialized apps covering everything from exercise plans to guided meditation to tracking your heart rate. Get ready to kickstart your journey … Read more

Tips to extend battery life

Today’s world is far different than it used to be, largely due to technology. While technology offers many great things, it also has some downsides. One of those downsides is battery life. And of all devices, cell phone battery life is the most irritating. The good news is that there are a few tricks to … Read more

Which phone plan is best for you?

When choosing a phone plan there are many factors to consider. What will my monthly payment be? Can I switch providers? What amount of data will I receive? The answers to these questions can help you decide what type of phone plan is best for you. There are three main types of phone plans: prepaid, … Read more

Recycling old technology devices and batteries

As new technological products hit the shelves, you may look to upgrade your current devices or purchase new ones. But what do you do with your old phones, computers, and other tech devices after you have replaced them? You may want to trade them in or sell them for parts, which are both great options. … Read more

Is an Emergency Response Device for me?

As we age, simple things become more difficult. Accidents sometimes happen. Whether you fall and can’t get up or suffer a major or minor medical emergency. In an unexpected situation, it may be difficult to know what to do or how to get help. Luckily, an emergency response device makes it easy to alert professionals … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Electronics

Spring is here, and so is spring cleaning. When you think of spring cleaning, you may not think of your cell phone. But it’s time to start: our cellphones go everywhere with us. They are constantly touching our faces, hands, clothes and any surfaces we place them on. While we might not think about what … Read more

Hands-Free for Convenience, Safety & Cleanliness

Did you know the average person checks their phone an average of 150 times per day?! While we may not all fit the average, many of us touch our phones frequently. However, phones have built in features that allow you to use them without the need to touch them at all. Utilizing hands-free features has … Read more

Benefits of Owning a Cell Phone

Communication is an important part of day to day life, whether it’s speaking to loved ones, searching for the latest news, or catching up with old friends. There are countless ways to communicate, and technology has made it increasingly easier. One of the easiest ways to communicate in today’s modern era is through the use … Read more

Storage Solutions for Your Smartphone

It seems as though our phones are always running low on storage space. Whether it’s getting a new app or taking photos of your pets or family, your phone storage seems suddenly filled to the brim. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a whole new device to upgrade on storage space. Instead, there a few … Read more

Switch to Affinity and start saving!

Switching cell phone providers can seem daunting. Saving money month after month is certainly worth the effort, though! And with today’s technology, you can even keep your current phone number. It does require a bit of work on your end, but with a little guidance (and our handy checklist!), you’ll be ready to make the … Read more