Owning a Smartphone: Benefits & Drawbacks

Woman using smartphone

Chances are, most people you know own a smartphone – especially anyone in the younger generations. They offer fast communication and internet capabilities that are very convenient for everyday life. However, those benefits are not without costs, both financial and otherwise. Keep reading to find out if owning a smartphone is right for you.

Benefits of owning a smartphone

One of the main benefits of owning a smartphone is the ability to instantly communicate with other people in a variety of ways. Besides the features most phones have like texting and calling, smartphones also allow you to video call, email, connect on social media, and so much more.

Another benefit of owning a smartphone is the access to the internet. Having internet capabilities on your phone essentially turns it into a mini computer you can have with you at all times. Need to Google the answer to something? Check. Need GPS to navigate to a location? Check. You can also watch videos, tv, and movies with apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

The enhanced safety that smartphones can give you is also a major benefit. There are many health apps that can be very useful in monitoring important things like heart rate and keeping track of medication. Additionally, there are ways to set up emergency contacts and shortcuts to calling for help if you ever need it. Smartphones also have location tracking abilities, so if you are ever lost it is much easier for other people to find you.

Smartphones also include general entertainment. All smartphones have a built-in camera and are capable of taking pictures and video. This is very convenient for capturing memories at any time, without needing to take a separate camera with you. Featuring a wide range of apps that include games, videos, news, music, social media, and more, there is a good chance a smartphone will offer something to interest you.

Drawbacks of owning a smartphone

Although all of these features are amazing, there are some drawbacks of owning a smartphone. One of the main drawbacks is the expense. Smartphones are not cheap, and to utilize internet services, you also need to have some sort of data plan in place. These prices continue to rise as new phone models come out. Additionally, many smartphones begin to deteriorate over time in terms of battery life and general wear and tear, which means you may have to replace them more often.

Smartphones can also be quite distracting and a way to draw attention away from more important things. As mentioned above, smartphones have many fun features. It’s very easy to let those things become a distraction and take up way more time than you intend. It also becomes easy to focus on online communication and miss out on in person communication. Time spent checking social media could have been spent hanging out with friends and family.

There may also be some privacy concerns associated with owning a smartphone. Unfortunately, there are individuals that use the internet to hack and try to steal personal information. While your information is generally safe on a smartphone, using the internet in any way will make you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

As you can see, smartphones come with a plethora of benefits. However, there are some negatives to consider before making the switch to a smartphone. If you are safe and careful about how you use your smartphone, they can be a great addition to your lifestyle.