Notifications, your way

There are many, many fantastic things about smartphones. They allow us to communicate from anywhere in the world, search the web at any instant, and even alleviate the day to day hassle of scheduling, shopping, and more. But if you feel like your phone is constantly beeping or buzzing, you’re not alone…and there is a solution. Those pesky reminders about email, texts, social media, and more, can be customized! Read on to get notifications your way. 

Phone notifications alert you to things on your smartphone. Customize them for a better user experience.

What is a notification? 

A notification is the message you get on your home screen or while using an app that alerts you to something, such as a reminder, a communication from an app, or a text from a friend. For instance, when you receive a text message, a pop-up appears with a preview. That pop up is a notification. 

Notifications can be a useful tool, but they can also be overwhelming. Customizing your notifications allows you to see only the messages that you deem important. 

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Customize on iPhone

iPhones use the iOS operating system, which allows you to opt in or out of notifications when you download an app. However, if you change your mind, it takes just a few steps to change your notification settings. 

From your home screen, open “Settings.” Scroll down and open “Notifications.” From there, you can set unique alerts for every app you have on your iPhone. For some, you may want to turn off notifications altogether, while for others you may want to be notified in a specific way. 

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Customize on Android

The Android operating system asks for notification permissions the first time you use a downloaded app. If you know you’d prefer not to receive notifications, you can set it up immediately. If you’re not sure, it’s always possible to change notification settings later. 

From your home screen, simply open “Settings.” Next, select “Applications” or “Applications Manager.” Tap the specific app, then tap “Notifications” or “App Notifications.” Within each apps notification settings, you can select whether you’d like to turn them “on” or “off.” There are sometimes additional options, such as sound settings, that can be customized, too.

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Your customized phone!

Voila! Your smartphone notifications are customized to you! And remember, it’s never too late to go in and change your settings. Experiment to find what works best, and be relieved when your phone only beeps or buzzes when you want it to!