Choosing a Data Plan for your needs.

Smartphones are popular among people of all ages and generations. They not only allow you to communicate with phone calls and text messages, they also have many additional features. From games and internet searches to navigation and fitness apps, smartphones offer a world of services quite literally at the touch of your fingertip. These services often require data, and each person uses data in a unique way. Find the perfect data plan for your needs.

Many apps use data when your device isn't connected to WiFi.

What does a Data Plan offer?

Data works in much the same way WiFi works. With data, you have fast and secure access to the internet. However, data doesn’t require connection to a router, so you can search the internet or utilize various apps anywhere you have service on your device. 

If you own a device with a data plan, you’re able to use WiFi to search the internet and use apps when you’re signed into your home internet or public internet. You can also use your device when you aren’t signed into a WiFi network. 

How much data will I use? 

Every smartphone owner uses their phone in unique ways, which makes the answer to this question a little complicated. To decide what plan is best for your needs, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Use WiFi whenever possible. 

If a WiFi connection is available, you can save your data by using WiFi instead. If you plan to primarily use your smartphone while connected to WiFi, such as when you’re at home, a smaller data plan may suffice for your needs.

What is 1 GB of Data?

Data can be used in a variety of ways, from sending emails to surfing the web. Each task requires a different amount of data. Each activity below uses approximately 1 GB of data:

  1. Browsing the internet for several hours
  2. Watching High Definition Netflix for 18 minutes or standard Netflix for about 1 hour
  3. Watching YouTube for about 30 minutes
  4. Scrolling on social media for about 11 hours, or interacting on social media for about 6 hours
  5. Using Skype for about 3.5 hours or FaceTime for about 5.5 hours

You can use these approximates to estimate your personal data usage. It adds up quickly! Carefully consider how frequently and for how long you engage in various data-based activities. When in doubt, overestimate slightly. It is better to have slightly too much data than it is to go over your data allotment.

Shared data plans. 

Family plans are a wonderful way to save money. But when you sign up for a family plan, make sure you pick a plan with enough data to support everyone who shares it. Each person should estimate their data usage prior to selecting your plan. 

Checking your data throughout the month. 

With Affinity Cellular, you can check your data usage by logging into your account at any time. If you think you might be overusing your data, or if you aren’t sure, be sure to check regularly. 

Pick your data plan.

Now that you know how much data you need, simply select the plan that will work best for your needs.