Your SIM Card: What is it?

At Affinity Cellular, we don’t expect you to be a cell phone expert. But we know you want to be an educated consumer. On this blog, we’ll help explain your SIM Card, a simple but important piece of cell phone technology. 

What is a SIM Card? 

SIM Card

A SIM card stores the information your device uses to connect to a carrier’s mobile network. SIM stands for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module, and each card has a unique code that designates its originating country, the system carrier, and a user ID. That unique code is tied to your cell phone account and all phone usage is authenticated through your SIM card. 

Bring Your Own Device to Affinity

Whether you want to upgrade to a new phone or bring your current device to Affinity, there’s a SIM card for you. Affinity uses its own specific SIM cards to connect to the network. However, the majority of all unlocked HD devices will work with Affinity Cellular. You can verify your device’s eligibility by contacting customer service or visiting our website and starting the order process.

The SIM Card is a small but important piece of cell phone technology. Knowing what it does and how to use it makes switching to Affinity Cellular a breeze. If keeping your own device, our team will be happy to get one of our SIM cards shipped out to you.