Choosing a family plan.

Choosing a cell phone plan can be overwhelming. Determining your budget and anticipating your needs is hard. There is also the struggle of monitoring usage and fees, especially if your technology experience is limited. And if you’re considering a family plan, you have to take the needs of various individuals into account. We can make that process easier. When you’re choosing a plan for the whole family, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Family Plan vs. Individual Plan

An individual plan includes one line (phone number) and a specific amount of minutes, messages and data. Our individual plans start at as little as $20 per month for one GB of data with unlimited talk and text.

A family plan includes multiple lines, and the cost per line goes down. For a plan with three lines, you pay $16 per month for the same plan: one GB of data with unlimited minutes and messages.

Choosing a family plan is a great way to save money. Whether you’re sharing a plan with your children (or adult children!), a spouse, or a close friend, you’ll save month after month. Our website is set up to accommodate up to three lines, but if you need more, just call 877-561-0131.

Sharing a family plan with your adult children is a great way to save money.

Pay as you go makes it easy to change your plan

At Affinity Cellular, all plans are pay-as-you-go. If your original plan is more or less than you need, you can change at any time. The last thing anyone wants is to feel trapped and confused by their provider.  

Overall, we are firmly focused on giving you the power of choice. Our options work to fit your budget and needs.

Choosing the family plan for YOUR family

Does your daughter love to surf the web as you’re driving down the interstate? Does your grandson play games every waking moment? When choosing a family plan, know how everyone on your plan uses their devices to accurately gauge your needs.

Talk & Text

Talking and texting is the first thing to consider. The entire family will utilize their devices for these things. Because of that, we make it simple: all but one of our plans come with unlimited talk and text.


Data is by far the biggest consideration when choosing which plan is right for your family. 

What is Data? 

Cellular data is similar to WiFi. Data is what allows you to connect your device to the internet when you’re out and about. Everyone uses data differently, and you need to know how each person in your family will use their phone in order to select a plan that will cover everyone’s data usage.

Can we use WiFi instead of data? 

Yes! Using WiFi is a great choice, especially when an entire family is sharing a data plan. That said, it’s difficult to solely use WiFi. Think about each person’s daily routine. If it’s possible to use WiFi primarily, a smaller data package may work for your family. If family members are using apps, checking email and surfing the web while not on WiFi, a bigger data plan is a smarter choice.

How much data do we need? 

When it comes to deciding how much data you need for your family, each person needs to do a little accounting. Use this blog as a guide to help you figure out how much data each individual will use. The data allotted in each plan will be shared among your entire family, so simply add your anticipated usage to find out how much will work for you.

Choose the plan for your family.

Family plans are a great way to save money and simplify your monthly billing. Figure out what you need, then peruse our plan offerings to find your perfect family plan.