Make travel easier by using your cell phone

Plane tickets have been purchased. The hotel is booked. The itinerary is planned. All that remains is having the most enjoyable vacation possible. Read on for a few tips on how to utilize your cell phone to make travel easier.

Chances are, you’ll want to take plenty of pictures on your phone to share with friends and family back home. Or maybe you are hoping to text your loved ones updates while you’re away. When going on a trip, it’s important to know the best practices for using your phone. And remember: Affinity service does not work in other countries. If you do have an international trip planned, we recommend renting an international cell phone for the duration of your trip. Travel is expensive enough, so you will want to avoid accidental charges. Let this post be a basic guide for how to use your mobile device when on vacation.  


Cell phones today are often equipped with a camera. Unless you’re a photographer, you may be able to utilize your phone camera to capture the memorable moments of your vacation. Check out this article from PopSci to learn how to take the best photos with your phone camera

Calling & Texting

When traveling domestically, Affinity is proud to offer an extensive coverage map. If you plan to call and text while on your vacation, be sure to check it to see whether or not you’ll have service when you arrive at your destination. You’ll never receive roaming charges, so if you have service, you’re covered! 


Cell phones are a great tool to have with you when you travel, but you’ll want to make sure to take a charger with you. Traveling can drain your battery, so charge early and often!


If you have a long flight or car ride ahead of you, consider downloading games, music, books, or something else to keep you entertained. Many airlines also offer inflight entertainment, and most smartphones are equipped to connect. If you’re not sure how to download, refer to this blog on our site for help. And remember to take headphones! 


Many smartphones now allow you to download a boarding pass directly to your phone. If you’re comfortable, you can even use your digital wallet to store payment information via Apple Wallet or Google Pay. If you plan to use an ATM while traveling, you’ll want to have a physical card on hand to use at the ATM machine. 

Other considerations for travel 

Your phone carries lots of personal information, so it’s important you are aware of your surroundings when using it. When connected to public Wi-fi, do not enter any sensitive information surrounding your health or finances.  

In addition, before boarding flights, try to have a picture or screenshot of your ticket. This is recommended by TSA, so you are not entering passwords in such a crowded, public area.  

The last thing to remember is to have fun! Phones can be a great tool to have on vacation, whether they’re helping you navigate, find a restaurant, or snap a perfect picture. Remember these suggestions to put your cell phone to work during your trip!