Your Digital Wallet: What it is and how to use it.

Gone are the days of needing to carry around a wallet bulging with credit, debit and loyalty cards. Read on to learn about the new convenience of using a digital wallet and how you can start using one. 

Woman uses digital wallet to pay at store.

Your digital wallet defined

Simply put, a digital wallet is one with all your cards connected to a device, like your smartphone or computer. You’ve likely heard news stories of mobile banking rising in popularity. This trend has paralleled a surge in consumers using their phones for payment to ease the shopping experience. 

What wallet app is right for me?

Most phone models presently come with a pre-installed digital wallet. If you are an iPhone user, you will likely use Apple Pay. With an Android operating system, try using Google Wallet. If you are wary of using this kind of wallet, both provide extensive details on how they protect your financial information with their apps.

After locating the downloaded app on your phone, begin by selecting ‘add card,’ and enter the information. This private information will then be encrypted, which means it is concealed to maintain your privacy. Repeat this process for any other cards you wish to digitally store. 

Anytime you plan to use a mobile payment when shopping, simply unlock your phone, launch the app, and select your desired card. Finally, place your device near the card reader, transmitting your card information hands-free. However, it is important to remember that some businesses do not yet accept digital payment, so be sure to ask in advance. 

What else can I use my digital wallet for?

A digital wallet can contain more than just your basic debit or credit card. Today, many companies are enabling gift cards and loyalty programs to be stored on your phone. Not only this, but many stadium events like concerts also now allow users to add their tickets to their wallet. Even airline boarding passes can be stored and accessed in your digital wallet!

Electronic wallets are a great tool that can help reduce the clutter of a traditional wallet and simplify the payment process. While it may be intimidating, try implementing some of these tips to start using yours today.